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Independent Australia is one of Australia’s most popular online magazines, with thousands of people reading IA stories every day.

Our stories come from our talented editorial team, and also from a host of high and low profile contributors from right around the world.

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We publish on every topic and all our stories have an underlying thread — a desire to fight wrongs and right injustice, and to make the world a better place.

Our main editorial focus is on Federal politics, democracy, the environment, Australian identity, Indigenous issues, economics, finance, law and the justice system.


IA’s preferred article length is between 700 and 1,200 words.

Longer pieces up to 3,000 words will be considered if capable of retaining the reader’s interest. Try to keep your sentences short and choose shorter words. If you’re unsure, run your writing through a readability index tool (like this one).


Pique our interest with original content or a fresh slant on a current issue. Look for issues the mainstream media isn’t reporting, or take a different angle than the MSM. We are looking for new ideas, not the same old spin.

Citizen journalism

New technology and online media means more people are doing journalism – in more different ways – than ever before. 

Independent Australia is one of the few online magazines to support citizen journalism. If you have an important story to tell, our staff, including managing editor David Donovan and deputy editor Sandi Keane (both trained journalists), are available if you need help to bring your article up to a publishable standard. 


If you follow these guidelines you are more like to be published on IA.


We receive a large number of submissions, so contributors who provide clean copy will not only save us time, but will receive priority for publication. 


Always provide links and references (preferably to primary sources) to back up any claims.

To add a hyperlink, select the text you want to link to. If it is a quote, don't highlight the whole quote, just the vehicle for the quote - i.e. "report", "he/she said", "article", etc. Copy the url link then click onto "Insert", select "Hyperlink". In the "Link to" box, paste in the url link then click OK.

Graphics, photos, images

Try to include as much image, graphic and video content with your story as possible.

As an online magazine, we publish fewer articles than comparable online publications, but focus on making those we do more comprehensive and colourful. Please also attribute the sources of your multimedia and licence details.

Grammar & Punctuation

As a basic rule, we recommend The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation, however IA also has its own particular style and style guide, which is available upon request.

Has your piece been published elsewhere?

Please make sure you let us know if your piece has been published previously elsewhere as we preference previously unpublished work.

Code of Ethics

Independent Australia complies with the MEAA’s Code of Ethics.  We recommend you familiarise yourself with it before submitting your piece.


If your article receives 5,000 unique page views (that is, views from different IP addresses) as determined by Google Analytics, we will pay you $125 for that contribution.

Each subsequent lot of 5,000 “uniques” the article receives will earn a further $125.

Good luck!


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